I am a commercial vocal coach and vocal producer.  I develop my coaching sessions with today’s hit records in mind, helping my students access each and every tool that’s being used in the studio and on stage by hit performers.  It’s a fascinating process when you break things down to the smallest details and hear exactly what superstars are doing with their voices.

Thomas Edison said, “if we all did the things we are capable of we would literally astound ourselves”, and I have learned that a great performer is one who can rely on a solid technique to sustain a profound emotional connection to music.

I say an artist’s signature sounds are the center of their career.  Their look, their stage presence, their branding…..all extends from there. It’s my passion to help them find and define their authentic sound to showcase the uniqueness of their artistry.


My favorite part of coaching is being in the studio bringing to life everything we planned and practiced in lessons.  When every melodic rhythm pattern rings like a hook, when every breath is in the pocket, when tonal dimension brings the story alive and a real emotional connection has been created with the song, the singer is functioning at the highest level and leaving room for “magic” to happen.

I’m in harmony with my artist before we even walk into the studio.  We both hear the perfect vocal walking in the door.  When you know exactly where you’re going you can get there. It’s awesome every time.