“Please stand on your mark,” my photographer said. As I walked into the embrace of vintage microphones, I caught myself wondering about all the great songs that had been recorded through time. I wanted to feel every emotion. In that exact moment, my life came full circle. I felt peaceful as well as thankful for the magnificent musical experiences I have had, and for the long line of teachers who had shared their wisdom with me along the way.

I flashed back to childhood memories of music. My dad’s old record player seemed to never stop spinning. He was my first teacher and a talented singer who was madly in love with singing! His blend of Soul, Country, Pop, Theatre and Opera kept pouring out of the speakers and into our lives. As a child, I was always allowed to stay up late to watch old movies and singers on TV with him. Dad taught me to analyze every note and played the passionate performances over and over again.

Another great teacher I had was the 65-year-old piano player I performed with in Detroit clubs. He taught me to leave my “baggage” at the door, walk in like a pro and pour my heart out for everyone in the room “all-night-every-night”. In East Coast bands, I worked with talented musicians twice my age that taught me how to be a lead singer. Others showed me my strengths and strengthened my weaknesses.

My role as “teacher” began fifteen years ago with young artists that wanted to be commercial singers. I have spent a lot of time in studios since then, producing vocals and fine-tuning performances that would stand the test of time. My goal has always been for my students to feel entirely creative and free in front of a microphone.

The most beautiful lesson I have learned is that one needs to be inspired to inspire others, and I know that’s the lesson I’m here to teach.